EU Renegotiation Proposals

Leave campaigners accused of “hypocrisy” by Sir Nicholas Soames over EU renegotiation.

Those campaigning for Britain to leave the Europe have today been accused of “idiotic hypocrisy” by Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Soames following their response to the Prime Minister’s EU negotiation proposals.

Leave campaigners have attacked these reforms as being a “smokescreen”, “a farce”, and “nothing more than a PR exercise”. Just today, described the renegotiation deal as “a fudge and a farce”, Nigel Farage called it “ludicrous”, and Matthew Elliott of Vote Leave called it “trivial.”

However, a new dossier released this afternoon shows that every basket of reform outlined by the Prime Minister and Donald Tusk today has previously been supported by senior Leave campaigners – including Nigel Farage, Matthew Elliott, and

Condemning the Leave campaigns response to the reform proposals, Sir Nicholas Soames, Conservative MP for Mid Sussex and Stronger In political champion, said:

“In the past, Leave campaigners have called for wide-ranging reforms to Britain’s place in Europe. Yet today they have lambasted the reforms put forward by Donald Tusk before the negotiation is even complete. This is idiotic hypocrisy. These reform proposals are the very areas for change that Leave campaigners have long called for. They have rejected a deal before it has even been secured.

“Today it’s clear that there is a deep hypocrisy at the heart of the Leave campaigners’ criticisms: they are the only people who have given up on reform and want to walk away from Europe come what may.”

It’s clear now that the Leave campaigns have pre-emptively rejected the final renegotiation package because they want to walk away from Europe come what may. The leave campaigns’ hypocrisy will put the many benefits we gain from being in Europe – trade, jobs, low prices, investment – at risk.

You can view the document in full here.