Glastonbury founder urges festival-goers to vote Remain

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has posted a message on the festival website urging voters to keep Britain in the EU in his most vocal yet intervention in the referendum debate.

On a specially dedicated page, the Somerset dairy farmer lists five reasons why people should vote to Remain including to protect British car manufacturing, agriculture and working conditions.

Michael Eavis says: "We’re one of the few really successful economies in the world at the moment – why change a winning streak?"

Michael Eavis and his daughter Emily, who is the festival's current organiser, have both previously urged those attending to apply for a postal vote or proxy vote to make sure they can have their say in this once in a generation decision.


The message posted to the site reads as follows:


Your ‘five a day’ why you should vote to Remain In:

1. We’re one of the few really successful economies in the world at the moment – why change a winning streak?

2. The Iraq war is the worst foreign policy decision of the last 50 years. Where was that decision made? In our very own parliament. If only we had consulted with our friendly European neighbours, who were dead against the war. Just think of all the horror that followed – and is continuing to this day.

3. All the most comforting human rights and working conditions of the last twenty years have been introduced by the European politicians. Let’s all be thankful for that.

4. All the best car manufacturers around the world have invested huge sums to build the most modern car factories in the world here in the UK. Why? To sell their cars and trucks into the single market. And they employ tens of thousand of workers here in the UK.

5. Finally, British agriculture is better protected by the E.U. because there are millions of farmers throughout Europe who they care about. I dread to think of a free market with our food needs. I think that a large proportion of our farmers would go bust.