Glasgow University Principal backs #Remain

Glasgow University Principal backs #Remain in #EUref

Prof Anton Muscatelli: "Scotland’s universities receive £88.8 million per year from EU sources, which is about 13 per cent of our total research funding.

"My university alone has received more than £20m in the first two years of the EU’s Horizon2020 programme"

"This includes research to fight malaria, research on space, and vital medical research which benefits us all.

"It includes European Research Council funding towards the path-breaking research which the University of Glasgow has been conducting on gravitational waves and which led to the confirmation of Einstein’s theory in February this year.

"It also includes research involving 100 institutions on understanding the human brain."

Welcoming the article in the Herald newspaper today by the Principal of Glasgow University Professor Anton Muscatelli - written in a personal capacity, in which he details the "vital role” of the European Union in supporting the success of the university sector in Scotland - senior campaign spokesperson of Scotland Stronger In Europe John Edward said:

“This is an important contribution to the referendum debate in Scotland, and Professor Muscatelli makes a compelling case for Scotland and the UK to stay in Europe.

“European funding is supporting everything from research into fighting malaria to the extraordinary work at the University of Glasgow on gravitational waves, confirming Einstein’s theories.

"Being in the EU is clearly fundamental to pan-European academic collaboration and the success of Scotland’s universities, which in turn underpins jobs and investment.

“As an economist, Professor Muscatelli also sets out the wider economic case for Remain. And just last week, Professor Sir Pete Downes, the Principal of the University of Dundee, made clear his support for EU membership.

"As the facts show, the right choice in terms of helping our university sector and the Scottish economy as a whole is to vote to stay in Europe on 23 June.”