Give young people a chance today for Britain to thrive

By Karren Brady

If we want Britain to thrive in the future we have to give our young people a chance today.

Our country has all the talent in the world but if we don’t give people the chance to work hard and get on, we risk letting it all go to waste - and letting our country fall behind.

That why giving people the chance to be an apprentice is so important.

Getting a good apprenticeship can be one of the very best starts in life.

But fewer people know that Europe actually helps boost jobs and apprenticeships in Britain by investing millions of pounds to help young people seek work and gain new skills.

If current rates of success continue, by 2020, over a million unemployed people in Britain will be helped into jobs thanks to EU funding. What’s more, hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged young people will get decent qualifications, giving them greater opportunities to get on in life.

This support would be at risk if we left the EU. And it strikes right at the heart of why I think the EU referendum is so important – it comes down to a choice of whether we want the UK to be stronger, safer and better off inside Europe, or if we are happy to put it all at risk and take a leap into the unknown.

All the evidence shows that throwing our European partnership away could hit Britain families where it hurts - jobs, wages and economic security.

Of course Europe isn’t perfect but from apprenticeships to our economic security the benefits of remaining in far out way the costs – not just for us, but for future generations as well.