Campaign materials

If you are taking part in our campaign to keep Britain stronger, safer and better off in Europe, this is where you’ll find the resources you need, including posters and information.

For key facts and infographics you can share on social media, visit our Get the Facts page.

Find our posters - and Facebook covers - designed by artists including Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Axel Scheffler and Rankin, on our Artists for IN page.

Find Vote Remain Facebook and Twitter twibbons here. You can also find Facebook and Twitter profile and cover images on our Show your support page. 

Campaign materials:




















Easy Read leaflet:

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Audio leaflet:

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British Sign Language video:


Condensed reports:

Alternatives are all worse

How the EU benefits business

SMEs are Stronger In

Top 10 facts

Top 10 rebuttals

What the experts say on economy

What the experts say on influence

What the experts say on security

Why families are Stronger In

Youth is Stronger In

Full reports:

Vote Leave, Lose Control - This outlines the flaws of the alternatives to being a full member of Europe’s single market

Why Britain is Stronger in Europe - This document explains how the UK’s economy, security and global influence are stronger in Europe.

Out of Pocket - This shows how moving to WTO membership without any form of specific agreement with the EU, as the some leave campaigners propose, could push up prices for UK consumers.

Why Britain is Stronger in Europe's single market - This document outlines how the UK economy benefits from being in the EU’s single market.

10 ways being in the EU strengthens UK defence - This outlines how being in the EU strengthens UK defence policy.

100 TIMES THE LEAVE CAMPAIGNS LOST THE ECONOMIC ARGUMENT - This shows how, in the early weeks of the campaign, the leave campaign lost the argument.

Leave campaigners’ £80 billion of reckless unfunded spending pledges - This shows the blackhole in the leave campaigners’ spending plans.

Leave campaigners cannot be trusted on the NHS #1 - This shows how leaving the EU would harm the NHS.

Leave campaigners cannot be trusted on the NHS #2 - This document exposes leave campaigns real plans for the NHS, which include privatisation and charging patients for services.

What does leave look like? - Leave campaigners cannot tell the British people what Britain’s future outside the EU looks like. This exposes the many alternatives they have proposed and their confusion over vital issues such as immigration.