EU membership is key to Scotland’s attractiveness

The Leaders of Scotland’s Cities and the Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work today confirmed their collective support for the UK remaining in the European Union.

The Scotland Stronger In Europe campaign welcomed the backing of the Scottish Cities Alliance for a Remain vote in the referendum on European Union membership.

The Alliance recognises the importance of learning from others and sharing experience and best practice across Europe.

The Scottish Cities Alliance is a collaboration of Scotland’s seven cities and the Scottish Government, working together to attract external investment, stimulate economic activity and create new jobs and business opportunities.

John Edward, senior campaign spokesperson for Scotland Stronger In Europe, said:

“The support of the Scottish Cities Alliance for Remain is another example of Scotland coming together to back staying in the European Union. The Alliance represents the seven cities across Scotland, and the gains of being in the EU are clear.

These include

€572 million of research and innovation funding for Scottish universities between 2007 and 2014

€1.9 billion funding package to deliver sustainable economic growth across Scotland.

"The endorsement of the Scottish Cities Alliance follows support from the STUC and Scottish Council Development & Industry to stay in the EU, and more than two-thirds of the members of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce in a recent survey.

"Scotland can unite to back Remain, and that could have a decisive impact on the result UK-wide."