EMMA REYNOLDS: Leaving the EU would damage our NHS

Emma Reynolds, MP for Wolverhampton North East & political champion for Britain Stronger in Europe, writes today about how crucial the NHS is for everyone and why we need to remain in Europe to safeguard our NHS: 

All of us rely on the NHS throughout our lives and we value the world class care that it delivers.

In my own constituency in Wolverhampton, the future of the NHS and New Cross hospital is a key concern. People from all walks of life depend on it.

Defending the NHS is one of the reasons that I joined the Labour Party and stood for Parliament in the first place. Protecting and improving the NHS for future generations is my top priority.

All the evidence suggests that leaving the EU would make that harder to achieve, because leaving Europe would damage Britain’s economy in the long term.

I believe that the benefits of our EU membership far outweigh the costs. We are stronger, safer and better off because we have access to the EU’s free-trade single market, which gives us more to invest in our vital public services.

The simple truth is that we can’t give the NHS the resources and investment it needs if our economy is struggling.

A weaker economy, slower growth, and lower tax returns mean less money to invest in our public services and crucially could mean spending cuts for our NHS.

Independent experts agree that leaving Europe could cause serious damage to our economy, affecting jobs, investment and prices here at home.

The future of the NHS is on the ballot paper in the European referendum on Thursday 23 June.

Those campaigning for Britain to leave the EU are willing to put our NHS at risk to fulfil their ideological objective of taking Britain out of Europe whatever the costs.

That is not a risk I believe we should take, and I am simply not prepared to gamble with the future of our NHS, which is why I am voting for Britain to remain in Europe. I am urging others to safeguard and protect our NHS too.