Does the EU set our laws?

Absolutely not: on the most important issues such as defence, foreign affairs, judicial and police matters the UK has important vetoes, allowing our government to fully represent our interests in the EU. 
Just 13.2% of our laws come from the EU (Source: House of Commons Library), including tweaks to existing laws. EU laws are prepared by EU civil servants from the UK and all the member states in the Commission. They are then debated by the UK MEPs we all vote for, and are signed off by our government’s ministers in the Council of Ministers. Our government controls key policy areas including interest rates, taxation, defence policy, and public services, and can veto EU treaties. 
We are an independent nation within the EU, just as Germany, France and others are, with the same rights as they have. Where the EU has proposed policies we disagree with we have opted out – on the Euro, the Schengen open borders agreement or recent proposals to take enforced quotas of migrants.

Last updated: Feb 18, 2016