Does being in the EU stop us trading with the rest of the world?

Absolutely not. As members of the EU, we benefit from free trade agreements with over 50 countries around the world and we are also trading more and more with rising economies like China and India. We will also benefit from new free trade agreements the EU is currently negotiating with countries including the United States, Australia and Japan. 
We get the best of both worlds: Britain can trade with Europe while building trading relationships with the rest of the world.
If we left the EU, UK businesses could no longer trade for free with other EU countries. We would have to negotiate new trade deals with the EU and more than 50 other countries worldwide. 
But when it comes to negotiating free trade agreements we are stronger doing this as part of the EU because it is the world’s largest economic bloc. We would not get a better deal if we left, as we would have fewer customers and a smaller market to offer other countries. 
Being in Europe means more jobs, more growth and more investment here in the UK.

Last updated: Feb 18, 2016