David Cameron on the single market

The Prime Minister has today made the case for the single market. In an article released today, the PM argues:

  • “Those campaigning to leave Europe are inviting the British people to make an extraordinary choice – to be the first major economy in history to deliberately choose a second-rate, more restrictive trading relationship for its biggest market.
  • “If we take the Canada free trade deal as a guide, we know it would be damaging for agriculture and manufacturing. Our beef and pork exports would face tariffs, and our car manufacturers forced to comply with rules imposing additional costs based on where they buy their components.”
  • “British steel…the idea that leaving Europe is the answer is a dangerous fallacy: more than half of our steel exports go to Europe.”
  • “Leaving the single market would also hit our service industries hard – and this is where our economy faces the biggest risk.”
  • “No real-world alternative to EU membership would come close to what we have now. Even the most ambitious trade deal on services the EU has ever struck – with Canada – falls radically short of single-market access.”
  • “[People might say] the EU needs Britain more than we need the EU.” That misunderstands the negotiation dynamics that would be at play. The EU buys £21 billion more of services from us – one country – than we buy from the 27 countries in the EU. In fact, of everything we sell abroad, 44 per cent goes to the EU, but of everything the EU exports, less than 8 per cent comes to the UK. How can those dynamics be good for the UK?”
  • “In June, we can choose Britain’s future. We can choose to shape our world, not to be shaped by others. We can choose to stay in the biggest single market on Earth. We can choose economic security, not an unnecessary leap in the dark. We can choose to be stronger, safer and better off.”