Cooperation of police forces in the EU – keeping Scotland safe

“Criminals don’t respect borders”, and that police must also not be constrained by them was the main message from Calum Steele of the Scottish Police Federation as he set out the case for a Remain vote later this month. 

In a piece for the Scotsman, Steele argues that police forces all over the EU must work together in order to protect communities here in Scotland from organised crime and the best tool against crime is information and intelligence.

The only way to ensure that cooperation between police forces and legal systems in Europe continues is to stay within the EU.

Mr Steele points out that the fight against terrorism in recent years has been helped greatly by the freedom of information that is shared throughout EU police and security forces.

As cyber-crime becomes a ever growing problem, causing misery for thousands of Scots every year, police forces all over the EU are working together to catch the criminals and stop even more people becoming victims.

“Criminal intelligence, particularly in the sphere of serious organised crime and terrorism, is like building a jigsaw.

"Each member state and each organisation within each member state holds a piece of that jigsaw.”

The only way to keep this framework together and keep Scotland safe is to vote Remain 23rd June. 

You can read the full article here