Angela Merkel on Brexit

Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a strong statement in support of a British vote to remain a part of the European Union on June 23rd. A transcript of what she said follows:

Angela Merkel: We work very well together with the UK especially when the European Union is further developing its roots, and giving itself new rules and I believe that when we sit together within the European Union, all the different national states, the UK and all the others, can input what is important to them much better than from outside. 

It is much easier to negotiate from within than from without. And secondly this also refers to what makes the European Union so strong, and that is the internal market, the common market. The cooperation between the UK and all German federal chancellors has been very good in this respect. We need to continue this route within the digital area, within the digital services.

I have been, of course, in this role for quite a few years and it is my experience and it will only get a good result in important negotiations if you are part of the negotiations from the inside and jointly contribute to the negotiations.

Of course we have had many negotiations with countries from the outside who have had to accept the same compromises, who have had the same good results, but of course these are states that do not necessarily share the costs and if we look at all the trade negotiations that have been important for the UK, for Germany, for other countries, one single country cannot single achieve such good results in my belief.

It would be for the benefit of all of us but I think also for the benefit of the UK to remain within the EU and to put the full force of being inside the EU into these negotiations. But just to make it very clear, I guarantee there is no misunderstanding, it is the people of the UK who decide. We can only say that we believe this is something that will make sure that British interests are secured much better.