Aberdeen City Council agree we're StrongerIN

Scotland Stronger In Europe welcomed the decision of Aberdeen City Council to back the UK remaining in the European Union.

A motion at Wednesday's full council meeting - proposed by the Labour council leader and SNP and Lib Dem group leaders - passed by 37 votes to 3.

John Edward, senior campaign spokesperson of Scotland Stronger In Europe, said: "This is a welcome decision, reflecting the breadth as well as depth of support across Scotland to stay in Europe.

"The Stronger In campaign is very active in the North East, and the facts show that being in the EU is good for the area. To take just one example, European funding has enabled Aberdeen to be a world leader with its Hydrogen Bus project, putting the city in a strong position in the energy technologies of the future."

The motion detailed below was carried by 37 votes to 3

“Council notes the upcoming referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union and agrees that Aberdeen is stronger now and will be stronger in the future - economically, politically, and socially - as a partner within the European Union.”

Councillor Jenny Laing, Leader of Aberdeen City Council said,

“Over the past five years, Aberdeen City Council has levered in around 32 million Euros in EU grants for the city.

“This fact alone demonstrates just how important Britain’s membership of the EU is for the city and our continued evolution as a global centre for inward investment.”

She added: “EU funding has allowed Aberdeen to become a dominant global force on the Hydrogen Bus project, and we are also working hand in glove with our EU partners to generate additional investment from the European Social Fund to assist people to get into work.

“Our relationship with Europe has never been more important and this motion before Council gives a clear signal to citizens that a vote to remain in the EU is tantamount to a vote for Aberdeen’s ability to compete with every other major city in the world.”

Councillor Graham Dickson, SNP Deputy Group Leader, who seconded the winning motion, said,

“The case for Aberdeen to remain in the EU is absolutely clear. Since 2010 Aberdeen City Council has received over €32m from the EU to fund employability projects, as well as the development of a new hydrogen industry.

"In addition, the city has received €40m for an offshore windfarm and millions more for research in our universities. None of the politicians promoting a leave vote are committing to replace this funding.

"Scotland must work more with the EU as well as other European nations in order to maximise the tremendous benefits of EU membership.

"Often what are considered to be EU failures are in reality our own failures to engage with a EU that has much to offer, not only in terms of funding but in terms of collaborative, cross-country projects in areas such as research, innovation and sport.

"Leaving the EU could put at risk employment rights like holiday pay and maternity rights that Westminster governments could then reduce.