100 ways the Leave campaigns lost the economic argument

Trade union people and employees don’t always agree. But on this huge decision we are united. Britain is safer, stronger and better off in Europe. 

With Britain in Europe, businesses are able to expand and employ more while workers have improved job opportunities and decent wages. And many of their most important rights and protections at work are guaranteed by Europe too. Paid holidays, equal pay, fair treatment for the millions of people who work part-time or through employment agencies – all these are guaranteed by our membership of the European Union and all could disappear if we left. 

Over 3 million jobs are linked to our trade with Europe. Over 200,000 businesses trade with Europe, which is 75% of all businesses which trade internationally. £66 million a day comes from Europe and half our exports go to the EU. Increased trade from an expanding single market will create new jobs and drive growth. 

Those campaigning for Britain to leave Europe cannot tell us how these benefits would be replicated, let alone improved upon, and would put jobs, low prices, investment and financial security at risk. 

That’s why businesses large and small from a wide range of sectors from each region of the country have said that they support staying in. 

Leading voices in defence, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, auto manufacturing, science, higher education, financial services and our tech industry, as well as SMEs and entrepreneurs, have all said they support Britain remaining in Europe. 

These people are the lifeblood of our economy. 

And economic experts have said that if the UK were to leave Europe this could lead to recession, a weaker pound, our credit rating downgraded, resulting in higher interest rates, and unemployment. Major companies have said that prices could go up if we leave. 

These people are amongst the most knowledgeable about what’s best for our economy. Today there will be 100 days until we have to make the biggest choice in a generation. 

Leave campaigners have been proven wrong on the economy 100 times in the short period since they launched their campaign. 

The Leave campaigns are not only putting at the risk the benefits that British workers secured through our EU membership, but they are also willing to risk the gains for UK businesses. 

Independent experts, employers and workers across Britain are clear: we are stronger in Europe and leaving would put Britain’s economy at risk.

You can read the full report here.